Poetry Contest

52nd Annual

Collin County Poetry Contest

Sponsored by the Mockingbird Chapter of the Poetry Society of Texas

No Entry Fee

Categories for:

Students: Open to all Collin County public, private, and home school students (K-12).
*Winners are chosen from each grade level.

College Students: Open to College Students who currently attend school in, or reside in, Collin County.

Adults:  Open to all adults residing in Collin County.

Mockingbird Chapter Members: Open to all members regardless of residence.

Winners will be announced at the 52nd Collin County Poetry Awards in April of 2023 (if possible).   Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Honorable Mention) receive certificates and one Anthology.

Winning poems will be PUBLISHED in a 2023 Winner’s Anthology.

Accepting entries now. Must be mailed on or before February 1st 2023 (Postmark Date)

Contest Rules (Poems WILL BE disqualified if they don’t follow these rules)

  1. Each contestant may enter one poem, written in any style and on any subject.
  2. Poem must be the original work of the contestant.
  3. Poem is not to exceed 28 lines (title and white space between lines or stanzas are not counted).
  4. Line width should not exceed 60 characters (including spaces and punctuation).
  5. A poem is not eligible that has been published (school publications acceptable).
  6. Contestants must retain a copy of their poems.  Submitted copies will not be returned.

Preparation of Entries

  1.   Submit two (2) typed copies of the poem. (If poem has two pages, please staple together)
  2.   In the TOP LEFT corner of BOTH COPIES, write which of the following categories applies:
    • Student with grade level
    • College
    • Adult 
    • Mockingbird Member
  1.    In the TOP RIGHT corner of ONE COPY, write your identification information.                           (The other copy -without your name- is used for judging)
    • STUDENT winners will be contacted through their school so please share Student’s Name, School Name, School address, Teacher’s name and Teacher’s email address.
    • COLLEGE STUDENTS, share your Name, Address, College, and your email address.
    • ADULTS , share your Name,  Address, and Email Address.
  1. TEACHERS may submit student entries in one envelope.  Please stack each student’s set with the identification copy on top.  Please do not staple the two copies.

Mail to:   Mockingbird Poetry Society – 7404 Townsend Blvd. – McKinney, TX 75071

Please direct any questions to Beth Ayers: beth.ayers55@gmail.com