Annual Contest winners

Annual Contest winners

2022 List of Winners for the 51st Annual Collin County Poetry Contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Annual Collin County Poetry Contest! Even with fewer than usual entries (Covid affected many things) we had a great representation from all grade levels except first grade. It was a delight to hear the students and adult winners share their poems at our annual Awards Ceremony on Saturday April 23rd. Congratulations to all!


Honorable Mention: Aubrey Cole Tasselin  (Preston Elementary School)

1st Grade:

No Entries for 2022

2nd Grade:

Honorable Mention: Miria Abraham  (Norris Elementary School)

Honorable Mention: Purva Vijay (Allen Elementary School)

3rd  Place: Kyra Trehan  (Allen Elementary School)

2nd Place: Swithin Janagama  (Allen Elementary School)

1st Place: Kennedy Mutter  (Allen Elementary School)

3rd Grade:

Honorable Mention: Mahati Kavoor  (Hunt Elementary School)

3rd Place:   Cailyn Clark  (Hunt Elementary School)

2nd Place:   Lucy Funston  (Hunt Elementary School)

1st Place:    Genevieve Vincent  (Hunt Elementary School)

4th Grade:

Honorable Mention:  Jack Shirodkar   (Homeshcool)

Honorable Mention:  Janani Sampathkumar  (Mary Evans Elementary School)

3rd Place:    Amulya Garrepally  (Mary Evans Elementary School)

2nd Place:   Austin Burnside   (Mary Evans Elementary School)

1st Place:    Taylor Vineyard (Mary Evans Elementary School)

5th Grade:

Honorable Mention: Reagan McDonald    (Walker Elementary School)

3rd Place:   David Wert  (Walker Elementary School)

2nd Place:  Carrissa Chiu  (Walker Elementary School)

1st Place:    Stella Seabolt   (Walker Elementary School)

6th Grade:

Honorable Mention:   Alyssa Kracht    (Evans Middle School)

3rd Place:     Maisy Runyon    (Evans Middle School)

2nd Place:    Aanya Chawla    (Vaughan Elementary School)

1st Place:     Richa Rai    (Fowler Middle School)

7th Grade:

Honorable Mention:  Arjun Sethi  (Rushing Middle School)

Honorable Mention:  Joanna Chiu   (Faubion Middle School)

3rd Place:    Chloe Jones  (Farmersville Junior High School)

2nd Place:    Daniella Dossett   (Faubion Middle School)

1st Place:     Logan Gournay  (Farmersville Junior High School)

8th Grade:

Honorable Mention:   Jade Mityas  (Renner Middle School)

Honorable Mention:   Sehana Hampton  (Scott Johnson Middle School)

3rd Place:    Layne Jacob Prakash   (Renner Middle School)

2nd Place:   Kaustubhi Joshi    (Rice Middle School)

1st Place:    Ashlyn Klaus   (Renner Middle School)

9th Grade:

Honorable Mention:   Zihan Xu  (Jasper High School)

3rd Place:    Nathanael Tang   (Jasper High School)

2nd Place:   Melanie Pinkerton  (McMillen High School)

1st Place:    Sarah Nab  (Lowery Freshman Center)

10th Grade:

Honorable Mention:   Nicholas Bedlan   (Wakeland High School)

Honorable Mention:   Elizabeth Urban    (Wylie High School)

3rd Place:   Sophie White    (Wylie High School)

2nd Place:   Lana Nguyen   (McMillen High School)

1st Place:    Ria Garg    (Centennial High School)

11th Grade:

Honorable Mention:   Hrishikesh Srirangam (Heritage High School)

3rd Place:   Markella Joseph    (Plano East Senior High School)

2nd Place:   Tavri Mohammed    (Wylie High School)

1st Place:    Dhilan Nag    (Plano East Senior High School)

12th Grade:

3rd Place:    Tanya Arya  (Wakeland High School)

2nd Place:   Sumehra Hassan  (Wylie High School)

1st Place:     Faith Fraser (Wylie High School)

College Category:

3rd Place:    Callie Dugger    (Collin College)

2nd Place:   Elizabeth Guevara    (Collin College)

1st Place:     Emma Montgomery    (Collin College)

Adult Category:

Honorable Mention:  Phillip Lawrence Gilmore  (McKinney, TX)

3rd Place:    John Coffey    (McKinney, TX)

2nd Place:   Carrie Weller    (McKinney, TX)

1st Place:     R. Scott Yarbrough   (Plano, TX)

Mockingbird Member Category:

Honorable Mention:  Susan Mardele    (McKinney, TX)

3rd Place:    Barry Rynk    (Allen, TX)

2nd Place:   Catherine L’Herisson    (Garland, TX)

1st Place:     John Alexander    (Frisco, TX)

2021 List of Winners for the 50th Annual Collin County Poetry Contest

1st Grade

  • Aintik Pal *    (3rd Place – My Fish Family)
  • Callie Tubbs (2nd Place – The Bunny)
  • Adhesh Naveen (1st Place – My Baby Sister)

2nd Grade

  • Shaurya Kishore (HM – Mother)
  • Akhil Sista (3rd Place – Pencil)
  • Nivaedha Karthik (2nd Place – Pink)
  • Sriya Mehta (1st Place – Chilly Cheese)

3rd Grade

  • Navya Vyas (HM – Spring)
  • Eva Tubbs (3rd Place – Ladybugs)
  • Iliyan Mithani (2nd Place – Christmas)
  • Shreevanth Srirangam (1st Place – I Don’t Understand

Why I Can’t Build a Jetpack)

4th Grade

  • Rivaan Paras Shah (HM – Me and My “Mask”)
  • Parker Szeto (3rd Place – Limits)
  • Shivani Acharya (2nd Place – I Matter)
  • Mason McIver (1st Place – Flowers)

5th Grade

  • Tatthva Sharma (HM – As I peek through…)
  • Saniyah Mazumder * (HM – Teachers)
  • Sophia Bumgarner (3rd Place – The Cat)
  • Pranavi Gk Pushpala (2nd Place – The Rise of Hope)
  • Aanya Chawla (1st Place – What Cannot Be Caught)

6th Grade

  • Zayd Mahmud (HM – Ode to A Poem)
  • Grace Von (HM – Ups and Downs)
  • Allison Holt (3rd Place – Ode To Books)
  • Isha Behal * (2nd Place – This Girl)
  • Ziva Baragatti (1st Place – Too Far Out)

7th Grade

  • Riley Lang (HM – The wind is tossing…)
  • Leo Ziman (3rd Place – Vogmanity)
  • Ananya Chitnis * (2nd Place – The Passage to Dawn)
  • Sariah Fraze (1st Place – The small stray dog…)

8th Grade

  • Lauren Juric *          (HM – Tempest)
  • Haoran Gao (HM – The Flower in the Cage)
  • Nathanael Tang (3rd Place – I Am a Viola)
  • Writisha Bezboruah     (2nd Place – Within These Pages)
  • Shivani Nathan (1st Place – Monochrome Chaos)

9th Grade

  • Ria Garg      (HM – The Physics of a Daughter’s Love)
  • Ian Ignacio *        (3rd Place – Lost)
  • Camille Young (2nd Place – Sevenling)
  • Sanjana Putta      (1st Place – Never)

10th Grade

  • Ananya Sirigineedi (HM – I Can’t Write Poetry Anymore)
  • Andrew Jauregui (HM – Immortal)
  • Zikai (Kelvin) Zhou (3rd Place – Sakura)
  • Aditi Choudhury (2nd Place – Illuminance)
  • Rhea Rai * (1st Place – Survival)

11th Grade

  • Miles Bedlan (3rd Place – I Sway to God’s Love)
  • Skye Barnes (2nd Place – The light switch doesn’t work)
  • Tanya Arya (1st Place – The Summarization of Teenage Angst)

12th Grade

  • Sarah Vu (3rd Place – Rain)
  • Aza Abdellatif (2nd Place – Escape)
  • Tyler Hanson (1st Place – I’m stressed…)

Adult Category

  • Carrie Weller * (3rd Place – Age is Just a Number)
  • John Coffey *          (2nd Place – A New Day)
  • Anita McNeill (1st Place – Ode to the Sky)

Mockingbird Member Category – Judged by Barbara Blanks

  • Beth Ayers (HM – The Dirt)
  • Christine Owens (3rd Place – Auntie Edna’s Kisses)
  • Susan Mardele (2nd Place – Ticked Off)
  • Barry Rynk (1st Place – Grandmother Tree)

* Previous Winner

Congratulations to the winners of the 49th Annual Collin County Poetry Contest (2020)


Adhesh Naveen  (Gulledge Elementary)

Gracyn Blake  (Velley Creek Elementary)

1st Grade:

1st Place:  Jeremiah Young (Martha Hunt Elementary)

2nd :   Alex Azad (Beverly Elementary)

3rd :  Mallory Denny (Martha Hunt Elementary)

Honorable Mention: Naisha Mahaseth (Barksdale Elementary)

2nd Grade:

1st:  Jack Shirodkar (Homeschool)

2nd : Ishaan Tripathi (Centennial Elementary)

3rd :  Lucia Trejo (Hughston Elementary)

HM: Rylan Boyd (Hughston Elementary)

HM: Ashmita Banerjee (Centennial Elementary)

3rd Grade:

1st:  Raif Siddique (Martha Hunt Elementary)

2nd:  Peter Mendoza (Barksdale Elementary)

3rd:  Bhawik Pati (Barksdale Elementary)

HM: Kaysan Noorani (Barksdale Elementary)

4th Grade:

1st: Richa Rai (Ruth Borchardt Elementary)

2nd:  Saniyah Mazumder (Skaggs Elementary)

3rd:  Simal Ali (Mary Evans Elementary)

HM: Serene Kerzazi (Mary Evans Elementary)

5th Grade:

1st:  Autumn Elrod (McSpedden Elementary)

2nd:  Elyssa Kannan (Walker Elementary)

3rd:  Zaara Nehal (Beverly Elementary)

HM: Kelly Morefield (Centennial Elementary)

6th Grade:

1st:  Madison Price (Evans Middle School)

2nd:  Paulina Fernandez (Evans MS)

3rd:  Gabriella Sanchez (Evans MS)

HM: Mustafa Allami (Evans MS)

7th Grade:

1st:  Kailee Critchfield (Scott Johnson MS)

2nd:  Lauren Juric  (Ford MS)

3rd:  Colton Benson (Faubion MS)

HM:  Claire Jensen (Faubion MS)

HM:  Dylan Jacobs (Faubion MS)

8th Grade:

1st:  Ian Ignacio (Ereckson MS)

2nd:  Alex Sanderson (Faubion MS)

3rd:  Paolinna Ghia (Faubion MS)

HM: Ishika Aggarwal (Fowler MS)

9th Grade:

1st:  Arriyah Phillips (Clark HS)

2nd:  Daphne Durr (Wylie HS)

3rd:  Aaryana Sharma (Lowery Freshman Center)

HM: Allyson Chen (Lowery Freshman Center)

10th Grade:

1st:  Matthew Loehrlein (Wylie HS)

2nd:  Bee Tran (Plano East Senior HS)

3rd:  Jasmine Hernandez (Wylie HS)

HM: Antonio Greer (Allen HS)

11th Grade:

1st:  Mark Baskharoun (Wylie HS)

2nd:  Eduardo Loyola (McKinney Boyd HS)

3rd:  Tyler Hanson (Wylie HS)

HM: Grant Peterson (Wylie HS)

12th Grade:

1st: Anielle Joleanne Go (Plano East Senior HS)

2nd:  Evana Jamal (Wylie HS)

3rd:  Azophi Moffat (Wylie HS)

Adult Category

1st: Angélica Torres (McKinney, TX)

2nd:  Bonnie Serra (McKinney, TX)

3rd:  Carrie Weller (McKinney, TX)

Mockingbird Member Category:

1st:  Susan Mardele (McKinney, TX)

2nd:  Christine Owens (Plano, TX)

3rd:  Edmund Burke (McKinney, TX)

Congratulations to the winners of the 48th Annual Collin County Poetry Contest.

The 2019 winners are:

Kindergarten: Honorable Mention. Jack McKellar

First Grade: HM. Grant Murphy

Second Grade: 1. Varshini Arulkumaran 2. Dishita Das 3. Saanvi Khopade HM. Esha Ambekar

Third Grade: 1. Richa Rai 2. Saniyah Mazumder 3. Anna Yarborough HM. Purva Joshi  HM.Chloe Lee

Fourth Grade:  1. Edgar Poon 2. Brooke Feinberg  3. Brendon Lin HM. Isabella Naggar

Fifth Grade: 1. Isabel Peters 2. Capri Boysen 3. Sarah Yu  HM. Valentina Falanga  HM. Amarie Mewborn

Sixth Grade:  1. Brooke Murphy 2. Lauren Juric 3. Addison Pardini  HM. Drew Woods  HM. Aden Garcia  HM. Emily Leven

Seventh Grade:  1. Graysen Malek 2. Ricardo Garcia 3. Joni Blanchard HM. Weston Lyddane

Eighth Grade:  1. Isabel Yates 2. Mallory Jamison 3. Jake Warren HM. Rhea Rai  HM. Grace Meentemeyer

Ninth Grade:  1. Heather Wiggins 2. Shary Arreaga 3. Roja Amini HM. Samantha Lozano

Tenth Grade:  1. Pahul Ghumman 2. Chloe Yang 3. Dan Ursu HM. Naisha Khatani

Eleventh Grade:  1.Joelle Tindal 2. Mialani Higa 3. Shimeles Abdellatif  HM. Mustafa Syed

Twelfth Grade:  1.Veena Chauhan 2. Neil Patel 3. Blake Smith

College Category: 1. Caroline Dillard 2. Justice Rooks 3. Bridget Scott-Shupe

Adult Category:  1.Debjani Panda 2. Cindy Anderson 3. Robert Wieneke

Mockingbird Member Category:  1.David Knape 2. Beth Ayers 3. Sylvia S. Medel

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Congratulations to the winners of the 47th Annual Collin County Poetry Contest.

The 2018 winners are:

Kindergarten: Honorable Mention. Owen Bayley

First Grade: 1. Phoebe Hawkins 2.Jayna Sharma 3.Varshini Arulkumaran HM.Sahil Lakdawala HM.Esha Ambekar

Second Grade: 1. Richa Rai 2.Harini Ramakrishnan 3.Saniyah Mazumder HM.Anika Lal HM.Lucy Alter

Third Grade: 1. Cecily Vicuna 2.Kennadi Brackens 3.Alina Nguyen HM.Avishree Dutta HM.Ava Bannister

Fourth Grade:  1. Ananya Chitnis 2.Addison Gagliano 3.Ryder Mooney HM.Nihal Vangala HM.Tejasvi Manoj

Fifth Grade: 1.Kate Stroud 2.Emerson Arrington 3.Jace Johnson HM.Ameen Hasan

Sixth Grade:  1.Kieanna Binion 2.Excel Oleru 3.Ismael Cruz HM.Wesley Bolten HM.Alexa Fernandez HM.Rebecca Cauldwell

Seventh Grade:  1. Luke Pierce 2.Shyam Thandullu 3.Sara Williams HM.Anika Damle HM.Brooklyn Dawn De Alba Ford

Eighth Grade:  1. William Anderson 2.Mohammad Umar Sheikh 3.Miranda Ye HM.Jayden Thompson HM.Emily Starkweather

Ninth Grade:  1. Daniel Brubaker 2.Humza Afzal 3.Umangi Singh

Tenth Grade:  1. Abby Christian 2.Sarah Hernandez 3.Tanny Vo HM.Avani Putcha

Eleventh Grade:  1.Laura Embree 2.Steven Le 3.Zoe Vaughn HM.Paige Weeks HM.Shahryar Hussain

Twelfth Grade:  1.Tera Ekezie 2.Carlos Contreras 3.Hannah Hofstetter HM.Ryan Sly

College Category: 1.Trexiea Hernandez 2.Elizabeth Abrams 3.Caroline Dillard

Adult Category:  1.Lon Roberts 2.Ashley Luhrs 3.R. Scott Yarbrough HM.Ruth Partridge Arnold

Mockingbird Member Category:  1.Edmond Burke 2.Sylvia S. Medel 3.Leslie Cappiello HM.Susan Mardele

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